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Air Freight


Olympia Logistics offers you a worldwide Air Freight Services for your exotic toys or a vintage cars.

If your car has a high value, or is urgently required to be at a location, Air Freight will be your best option. 

Events, Car Races, Rally Events, Shows & Exhibitions.

Olympia Logistics Team members are only one call or a click away... 

The airlines who are specialized on air freight cars recognize and aware of the safety of your valuable assets as being their paramount..

If your vehicle has a high-value or delicate to handle we may assign one of our specialized team member to be present from the moment we pick up your vehicle and assist to the airline's cargo attendant during the loading on the platform, lashing and loading to the air craft.   During the entire process you may be connect yourself online to our staff and feel yourself you are next to your vehicle.   

     Air Freight services we will provide will also included ; 

  • Pick up your vehicle from any location around the globe with a enclosed car carrier / Flatbed truck (If requested) 

  • All our assigned truckers will be professional, fully insured and they will have the highest standards equipments ready to keep your vehicle tided up and properly loaded on their trucks.  All truckers will be polite, do vehicle inspections on every corner and will take several photos and video recordings during the pick up process.  

  • Make the appropriate Airline booking

  • Receive your vehicle at one of our warehouses in USA or in Europe ( If needed )

  • We may also spot the vehicle directly to the airlines warehouse. 

  • Once the vehicle arrives to our warehouse facility or to the airlines warehouse ; our team will make condition report with photos and videos.  

  • Our export documentation team will complete the CPB's Customs formalities on time within the time frame. 

  • Hazardous Goods certificates will be filed. 

  • We will have the access to the terminal during the lashing and loading. 

  • We have contracted agents globally on all major airports.  Pre-alerts on an early arrival or on a delay you will get informed on time via email or by a phone call.

  • Our destination agents will be present to assist you until you receive your vehicle and leave the airport with your vehicle. 

  • We may also arrange to deliver your vehicle to your driveway, on a auto show or on a car race.   

We will also quote and arrange Air Freight Cargo Insurance for all Air Freight shipments.  We only purchase your Air Freight Insurance Policy with worldwide well known Insurance Firms which will cover your valuable assets globally.   This will provide you with peace of mind and not sleepless nights.

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